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In our service area you will find all important documents for DESTINATION BRAND as well as further information, presentations and publications at a glance.

Registration for DESTINATION BRAND 19:

Interested destinations can register until 30.09.2019 for this year's survey in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and / or China. For your registration, please use the order form DB19 listed below.

Your contact person


Ellen Böhling
+49 (0) 40 414 3887 412

Order forms

Following the order form for this year´s DB19:

Order form DB19 Spontaneous Associations including Sinus-Milieus (German version / English version)

Order form DB19 Spontaneous Associations (German version / English version)


For the follow-up order of DB18 data: Please contact us - we will be glad to send you the individually prepared order form for your destination.

To place a follow-up order for DB17 and DB16 data, please contact us as well.

Sample reports

To provide you with insights about the preparation of the data and the content of our reports, you will find below a sample report for this year's DB19 survey as well as two more, one for the brand value and the second for the themec competence:

Sample report for DB19: Spontaneous Associations to tourist destinations (from DB17 module 2) (German version / English version)

Sample report: Brand value of tourist destinations (from DB15) (German version / English version)

Sample report: Theme competence of tourist destinations (from DB16) (German version / English version)