Would you like to know what potential guests spontaneously think about your destination? Which terms, holiday activities and topics are associated with your destination? What is typical for your destination? Which values and characteristics of your destination brand are anchored in the minds of your guests?

As part of DESTINATION BRAND 19 (DB19), in autumn 2019 the spontaneous associations to tourist destinations will be collected in

  • Germany and for the first time in
  • Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and China

in an online survey, representative of the respective population.

Based on the question “What springs spontaneously to your mind when thinking about the tourist destination “name”?”, the large number of different individual responses will be clustered into superior categories and the corresponding sub categories and will be delivered in a destination-specific report. Beside a word cloud of the most relevant terms, additional differentiated evaluations of the Top 20 sub categories according to sub-groups (brand connoisseurs, visitors in the past) as well as for up to 6 individually definable target groups are also included in the report.

Key facts for DB19:

  • Study objective: Evaluation of the spontaneous associations to tourist destinations
  • Source markets: Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and China
  • Field work: November 2019
  • Destination sample: 1,000 respondents in the source market (representative of the population aged 18-74 living in private households in the source market / country-specific deviations are possible)
  • Data delivery: In a report (per destination per source market) from March 2020 on

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