By measuring the spontaneous associations to your destination, you obtain concrete statements about the values and characteristics attributed to the destination brands by potential guests. What is typical of the destination and what does it stand for in the minds of the guests?

When participating in DESTINATION BRAND 19, the individual responses for your destination are grouped into thematic upper and subcategories, clustered according to subgroups (brand connoisseurs I visitors in the past) and individual target groups (you specify 6 target groups) - prepared in a report (see sample report). You receive tourism-scientifically based data and the demand-side perceived profile of your destination brand.

This year you can measure the spontaneous associations to your destination in the source markets Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and / or China.

NEW in DESTINATION BRAND 19: Target group analysis according to the "9+1 types of holidaymakers" (inclusive) and the "Sinus-Milieus® Germany I Sinus-Meta-Milieus®" (bookable) on the German source market.

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The registration deadline is 30.09.2019.

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